About CAD CAM Teacher

CAD CAM Teacher is a company that is specialized in providing training courses in CNC programming and CAD/CAM technology. Also, we provide other services like technical support, engineering services and graphics software.

CAD CAM Teacher was established in 2010 and is authorized by the American Institute of professional studies.

In CAD CAM Teacher, we provide the most talented, experienced and smart trainers who are specialized in both CNC programming and CAD/CAM technology in order to reach our customers’ satisfaction.

CAD CAM Teacher Provides:

  • Online Courses,
  • Training on CNC machining technology,
  • CDs which include tutorials,
  • Courseware for industrial,
  • Certified Certificates.

So, whether you’re a Teacher, a Student, an Employer, an Employee or someone who is looking for expanding his knowledge in CAD/CAM and CNC Programming technology, CAD/CAM Teacher is here for you.


Participate in developing engineering industries via using the latest programs of automatic control machines such as CNC Programming and CAD/CAM Technology. Also, we use more simulation programs for realistic machines, in addition to train more human resources who aim to get involved in such industry.


CAD CAM Teacher aims to be the leading engineering company in the Arab world that is specialized in providing integrated solutions, technical support and the best CNC, CAD, and CAM technology Training.