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Certified SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional

Certified SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional


The Certified SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional (CSWP-Simulation) exam tests your understanding of SOLIDWORKS Simulation tools and simulation in general. Candidates who successfully pass this certification exam have demonstrated the ability to set up, run, and examine the results of various types of Simulation scenarios. They also have demonstrated the ability to interpret the various results available to them in SOLIDWORKS Simulation and an understanding of the basics of simulation and FEA.

Exam features hands-on challenges in many of these areas:

  • Static, Frequency, and Thermal studies
  • Working with Solid and Shell elements
  • Working with Beams
  • Definition of beams and trusses » Beam loads » Beam results
  • Applying loads and restraints
  • Planes of symmetry
  • Non-uniform loads
  • Mesh controls
  • Use of configurations to compare designs
  • Convergence of results
  • Result forces