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The SOLIDWORKS Essentials course focuses on developing skills and concepts that underpin the successful use of SOLIDWORKS design software and is designed around a process or task-based approach rather than on individual features and functions.

Starting from the very basics of the program, the course develops looking at modelling essentials required for day to day use of the software, right through to some advanced topics for automating designs. Part and Assembly modelling and also the 2D drawing environment are introduced during this course.


  • Basic Windows Knowledge
  • Mechanical or Industrial Design Experience
  • Basic Network Knowledge

Features Targeted

  • Sketching & Feature creation
  • Top-down Assembly Modeling
  • Drawing Views & Annotations

Learning Outcomes

  • Able to create SOLIDWORKS parts
  • Able to build assemblies
  • Create Production Drawings

Skills You Will Acquire

  • Create parametric sketches
  • Create parts and build assemblies
  • Create and control different versions of your parts with configurations
  • Automate design modification with equations and excel design tables
  • Create drawings of your designs


  • Lesson 1: SOLIDWORKS Basics and the User Interface
  • Lesson 2: Introduction to Sketching
  • Lesson 3: Basic Part Modeling
  • Lesson 4: Symmetry and Draft
  • Lesson 5: Patterning
  • Lesson 6: Revolved Features
  • Lesson 7: Shelling and Ribs
  • Lesson 8: Editing: Repairs
  • Lesson 9: Editing: Design Changes
  • Lesson 10: Configurations
  • Lesson 11: Global Variables & Equations
  • Lesson 12: Using Drawings
  • Lesson 13: Bottom-Up Assembly Modeling
  • Lesson 14: Using Assemblies