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SOLIDWORKS Routing Electrical

SOLIDWORKS Routing Electrical

SOLIDWORKS Routing Electrical

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The SOLIDWORKS Electrical Routing course explains how to create, edit and manage Electrical routes and cables, from the critical routing components and their design requirements to the sub-assemblies that contain the routes.


  • Completed SOLIDWORKS Essentials
  • At least 1 month using software
  • Able to take time out for training

Features Targeted

  • Using Auto Route & Connectors
  • Clips & Library Parts
  • Flatten Route

Learning Outcomes

  • Create routed systems for electrical cable and harness
  • Create your own library parts which can be dragged and dropped into your electrical routes
  • Create drawings of your routed systems with route information added

Skills You Will Acquire

  • Add, modify & apply fast routes
  • Add Routes & Ribbon Cables
  • Creating Harness & Drawing


  • Lesson 1: Fundamentals of Routing
  • Lesson 2: Basic SOLIDWORKS Electrical Routing
  • Lesson 3: Routing with Clips
  • Lesson 4: Electrical Routing Components
  • Lesson 5: Standard Cables
  • Lesson 6: Electrical Data Import
  • Lesson 7: Electrical Drawings
  • Lesson 8: Electrical Ribbon Cables
  • Lesson 9: Electrical Conduits