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CAMWorks Mill

CAMWorks Mill

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This COURSE teaches the essential skills for using the SOLIDWORKS CAM and CAMWorks 2.5-Axis AND 3-Axis Milling software. Learn CAM essentials and User Interface, Automatic Feature Recognition and Operation Modification, Interactive Feature Recognition, Interactive Operations, Pattern Features, Advanced Features and Operations, Customizing the Technology Database, how to generate tool-paths, change tools and then posting the G-code.

Learning Outcomes

  • Installation and setup of the add-in software package
  • Defining Machine Setup for Milling
  • CAMWorks User Interface
  • CAMWorks Options
  • Machine Settings
  • Stock Setup
  • Editing the tool cribs
  • Using Automatic Feature Recognition
  • Creating features interactively
  • Sorting and Editing CAMWorks Operations
  • Simulating the toolpaths
  • Editing and sorting toolpaths
  • Post Processing
  • Operation Parameters
  • Go over axis and direction +/-
  • Setting up work offset in controller / using edge finder or dial indicator for circle
  • Touching off tools
  • Cutter compensation
  • Workholding / vises / step clamps , rotary
  • Cutting vise jaws / custom fixturing
  • Coolant
  • Inspection / measuring tools
  • Squaring a vise or sine plate etc
  • Tooling: flutes, coating, hss/carbide, helix angle, LOC in reference to chattering
  • Feeds and Speeds: show calculations, milling advisor, axial/radial, just best practices
  • Some metallurgy: Hardness, Brinell/Rockwell
  • Tool holder specifics: ER collets, spindle taper, retention knob, ways to hold tools