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Multi-Axis Milling

Multi-Axis Milling

Multi-Axis Milling

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This COURSE teaches how to use CAMWorks for programming multi-axis CNC machines. Learn how to make toolpaths for complex shapes that cannot be machined using a 3 axis machine. This is for more complex processes such as undercut machining and complex rotary and tilting applications.

Learning Outcomes

  • Installation and setup of the add-in software package
  • Defining Machine Setup for Milling
  • CAMWorks User Interface
  • CAMWorks Options
  • Machine Settings
  • Stock Setup
  • Editing the tool cribs
  • Using Automatic Feature Recognition
  • Creating features interactively
  • Sorting and Editing CAMWorks Operations
  • Simulating the toolpaths
  • Editing and sorting toolpaths
  • Post Processing
  • Operation Parameters
  • Define Tool Angle Relative to Surface
  • Set up Swarf Toolpaths
  • Defining Areas to Contain the Toolpath
  • Check for Collision Between Tool, Shaft and Holder
  • Full 5 Axis Plunge Roughing & Adaptive Roughing
  • Setting Lag Angles
  • Setting up Separate Threads and Processes
  • Posting the Program