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This course will examine the fundamentals of a basic 3-axis setup using PowerMILL. We will start by learning how to set up a part within stock, and then we will use area clearance toolpaths to rough the part. We will then discuss various finishing strategies, moving from a semi-finish to a true finish, and we will follow up with detailing toolpaths, such as auto cornering and pencil cuts. Finally, we will use workplanes and interactive stock models to set up a second position, commonly known as a "flip mill," before analyzing our toolpaths for gouging and collisions and then simulating our numerical control programs.

Learning Outcomes

  • Machining Set Up in Detail
  • Area Clearance Strategies
  • Finish Machining Strategies
  • Leads and Links
  • Boundaries
  • Levels and Sets
  • Editing Toolpaths
  • Collision Checking
  • Patterns
  • Curve Editor
  • 3D Machining
  • NC Programs
  • Setup Sheets
  • Specialist Finishing
  • Component Thickness
  • Stock Models