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SOLIDWORKS Advanced Part

SOLIDWORKS Advanced Part

SOLIDWORKS Advanced Part

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The Advanced Part Modeling course is for SOLIDWORKS users who need to create complex parts and want to learn how to use more advanced features; including sweeps, lofts, boundaries, and every type of fillet.

Also in the course are best practices for creating efficient parts including using Boolean operations in multibody parts in order to save time. Building master models for parametrically driving whole projects. Plus reverse engineering complex models with sketch pictures.


  • Completed SOLIDWORKS Essentials
  • At least 1 month using software
  • Able to take time out for training

Features Targeted

  • Sweep & Loft freeform features
  • Multibodies & boolean operations
  • Deform, Wrap & Move Face

Learning Outcomes

  • Create complex free form parts associated with consumer product design.
  • Create multibody parts and split them to create assemblies.
  • Use advanced features to generate custom solid model part designs.

Skills You Will Acquire

  • Better part production with Master Parts
  • Manipulate faces with advanced features
  • Techniques for advanced freeform shapes


  • Lesson 1: Multibody Solids: How They Work
  • Lesson 2: Uses of Multibody Solids
  • Lesson 3: Sketching with Splines
  • Lesson 4: Introduction to Sweeping
  • Lesson 5: Working with Curves
  • Lesson 6: Advanced Sweeping
  • Lesson 7: Boundary Feature and Lofting
  • Lesson 8: Other Advanced Tools