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CAMWorks 3 Axis Milling

Course Overview


This course builds upon the prerequisites learned from SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard Training and primarily focusing on advanced 3-axis Roughing & Finishing toolpath operations.



Students attending this course are expected to have the following: CAMWorks 2.5-axis training (SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard Training). Experience with SOLIDWORKS Design Software. Experience with CNC Machining.

Understand the types of 3 Axis operation use in CAMWorks Identify the elements of the CAMWorks user interface Know the process for creating and post processing toolpaths for CAMWorks 3 axis operations Define Machine Define Stock Define Coordinate System Define Multi Surface Features for 3 Axis Operations Simulate tool path Post process tool path

Interacitvely insert a Mill Part Setup Insert Multi-surface features using the following methods: Faces or surfaces\ All Displayed STL Files Faces by Color Faces by Surface Finish Control the generated toolpath using Rest Machine Define the Automatic contain area

Use contain and avoid areas to control tool path Limit the Z level of a toolpath using Z limits Control the extents of a toolpath using the Automatic contain area Control the XY and Z extens of a toolpath with Rest Machining settings

Identify the CAMWorks options related to 3 Axis Toolpath Generation Interactively insert 3 axis operations Insert 3 axis operation from CRTL drag and drop Identify the operation parameters that are common among the different operation types: Tool Tab NC Tab Links Tab Entry/React Tab Insert an avoid feature

Insert and adjust the parameters of an Area clearance operation Identify the area clearance patterns typrs: Pocket Out, Pocket in - core, Lace, adaptive, Volumill Use the Depth parameters: Constant vs scallop Insert and adjust the parameter of a Flat Area operation Insert and adjust the parameters of a Z Level operation Use the following depth parameters: Cut Type - Z level or Helical, Method - Constant or Scallops Use Limits to control the toolpath: By slope, Contact areas only Use the combination cycle option Use the Links Tab: Depth processing - Bottom up parameter

Insert and adjust the parameters of a Pattern Project operation How to program with the pattern types: Slice, Radial, Sprial, Flowline Use a Contain area to contain a 3-axis toolpath Use the Curve wizard to define the curve geometry for Flowline curves

Define a Constand Stepover operation and adjust the operation parameters Understand Direction Control: Reverse priority Modify Pass Options: Offset curve - Contain Only vs Contain and avoid, Numbr of Cuts, Axial Offsetting

Insert Pencil Mill Operation and modify its parameters Understand the following Pencil mill Patterns Types: Trace, Parallel Lace, Mixed

Define a Curve Project operation and modify its parameters