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CNC Simulation Software

The whole machine simulation system enables exact apprehension of machine buttons.


Through operating on the controller interface, students can train by understanding the movement of the CNC machine.


The graphics are in aesthetic and realistic 3D animations, combining machine base and tools to achieve an absolute interactive effect.

class image
class image

CNC Simulation Workstation

CNC Operation Simulation Workstation provides an actual hand wheel and a operation panel equipped with real buttons, which aims at the development of CNC Operation ability of the trainee.


The design of the CNC training facility brings an interactive teaching environment for both trainers and trainees.


CNC Operation Simulations, that focus on emulation of actual CNC machining,can not only prevent mistakes but also improve the ability of trouble shooting, which can lower significant amount of learning cost and ensure the safety of the learning environment

CNC Simulator

CNC training machine is equipped with exactly same overall appearance, actual handwheel and real machine operation panel as numerical control machine.


Its purpose is to train students for accumulating CNC machine operation skills (program transmission, programming, tool selection, tool compensation and alarm clear ) Overall design is more attractive, and it emphasizes on interaction to make students less mistakes happened.


Not only decreasing learning cost but also letting students work and learn in the safe environment.

class image
class image

Teaching Integrated Class

Diversified teaching method such as group contest and problem discussion, teacher’s demonstration and student’s simulation practicing. 

All cultivations will quickly build the concept for students and that will make learning no duller.