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CAMWorks 4 5 Axis Milling

Course Overview


This course is intended to teach individuals interactively how to create, review and edit Advanced 4- and 5-axis or simultaneous toolpaths using CAMWorks for the machining of parts and assemblies as created in SOLIDWORKS (and CAMWorks Solids).




Students attending this course are expected to have the following: CAMWorks 2.5 axis training (SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard Training). CAMWorks 3-axis Essentials. Experience with Surface Modelling inside of SOLIDWORKS Design Software. Experience with CNC Machining.

Understand the benefits of 5 axis Understand the types of 5 Axis machines and kinematics Have a general understanding of Tilted Working Plane Have a general understanding of Tool Point Control Know the process for creating and post processing CAMWorks 4/5 axis tool paths

Setup up and assembly/part file for 3+2 axis machining Use 3 to 5-axis conversion on a 3-axis operation for holder avoidance Insert a 4-axis wrapped feature and operation