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Metal Cutting Drilling

Course Overview

Drilling covers methods of making cylindrical holes in a
workpiece with metal cutting tools


2.The drilling process

3.Four common drilling methods

4.The most common holes

5.Maximum hole depth

6.Cutting speeds for indexable drills

7.Cutting speeds for solid and exchangeable tip drills

8.Solid carbide drill (SCD) vs. high speed drills (HSS) 1/2

9.Solid carbide drill (SCD) vs. high speed drills (HSS) 2/2

1.System overview

2.Drilling tools

3.Drilling tools 2

4.Drilling tools 3

5.Drilling tools 4

6.Diameter and hole depth

7.Indexable insert drills

8.Indexable insert drills - Mounting options

9.Indexable insert drills - Mounting options

1.How to apply

2.Indexable index drills

3.Chip formation - indexable drill

4.Rotating Indexable drill

5.Radial adjustment

6.Adjustable sleeve for drills with ISO 9766 shank

7.Non-rotating drill - Alignment part 1

8.Non-rotating drill - Alignment part 2

9.Deflection of turret

1.Hole quality and tolerances

2.Steps to ensure good hole quality in drilling

3.Hole and hole tolerance

4.Hole tolerance according to ISO

5.Hole tolerance according to ISO

6.Hole and axle tolerance

7.Hole and axle tolerance

8.Hole tolerance according to ISO

9.Indexable insert drills


2.Indexable insert drill

3.Indexable insert drill

4.Indexable insert drill

5.Indexable insert drill

6.Indexable insert drill

7.Indexable insert drill - Tool wear

8.Indexable insert drill - Tool wear

9.Indexable insert drill - Tool wear