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Solidworks Weldment

Course Overview


The SOLIDWORKS Weldments course is for users who design structures made out of components with constant profiles. The course will teach you how to use the weldment tools which can provide you with a 90% time saving when compared to the traditional assembly work flows.

In this course, you will learn how to make welded frames in SOLIDWORKS. Course topics cover the design and modification of weldments, including weldment features such as structural members, end caps, and gussets. Basic detailing and cut list generation is also covered.



  • Completed SOLIDWORKS Essentials
  • At least 1 month using software
  • Able to take time out for training



  • Beams, Gussets and End Caps
  • Welds and Weld Beads
  • Cut Lists and Properties





  • Creating Welded Structures
  • Weldment Drawings with Cut List
  • Able to create custom profiles



  • Create weldment designs using the weldment tools in SOLIDWORKS
  • Create drawings with Cut-lists and weldment information
  • Add weld beads and weld information to your drawings
  • Use weldments in your assemblies

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• Weldments

• Structural Members

• Groups vs. Structural Members

• Adding Plates and Holes

• Gussets and End Caps

• Using Symmetry

• Advantages of a Multibody Part

• Limitations of a Multibody Part

• Managing the Cut List

• Cut List Item Names

• Accessing Properties

• Cut-List Properties Dialog

• Structural Member Properties

• Adding Cut List Properties

• Bounding Boxes in Weldments

• Working with Bent Structural Members

• 3D Sketching